Attention Spiritual Seekers: Get This Beautiful Mala Made 
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It’s Not Just About Sex...Here’s Why You Need A Balanced Sacral Chakra (And How To Get One).
We Really Hope YOU Will Be Able To Secure Your Sacral Healing Necklace Before They’re Gone! Here’s Why...
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From: Liz & Ric 

Re: Limited Time To Reserve One Of These Beautiful Sacral Chakra Malas, So You Can Reinvigorate Your Life Again (Including Your Sex Drive)!

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

We are writing this quickly as we want to make sure you have a chance to get one of these special Sacral Chakra Necklaces boxed up and shipped to you for FREE today...

But we have to make sure you understand what this particular Mala can do for you, and why you should have one of these as a part of your daily chakra healing and maintenance routine (if you don’t already)…

Time is clicking away already on this so we are just going to give you the “down and dirty” on what this Mala really is and how to use it…

As well as what it will do for you when you use it properly (don’t worry we will include full instructions)…
Your ROOT Chakra and your SACRAL Chakra work in entirely different ways...and perform completely different functions for you. 

And, the color and type of beads this Mala is made up of is specially chosen and suited for THIS Chakra, and not any other.

So, even if you already have your Root Chakra Healing Mala, please be sure to read this entire letter to discover why you want to make sure you reserve one of these special Sacral Chakra necklaces today!
Here’s The “Bare Naked” Truth
Your sacral chakra is very close (many would say only two finger widths) above the base chakra, muladhara.
It is believed that present and past life’s karma is stored, dormant, within the sacral chakra…
The base and sacral chakras, being inexorably linked, are most frequently associated with life force and sexual energy respectively.

This can be amplified by the fact that, like the dormant karma in each life, the latent DNA and genetic code of the body is dormant within the gonads of the individual, in the seat of the sacral chakra.

SOOO...what all this comes down to is, if you’re feeling:
1.  Repressed or limited sexually
2. A lack of enthusiasm or joy in life
3. Lack of creative drive or inspiration
4. Powerless or vulnerable to others
Then you are most likely experiencing the effects of having a blocked or damaged Sacral Chakra, or as it’s known in the Sanskrit, your “Svadhisthana.”
It’s Not Just All About SEX Either! If Your Sacral Chakra Is Damaged...
Here are the OTHER reasons you want to pay attention to how your Svadhisthana is doing.

Because yes, the sacral chakra is directly linked to the sexual organs, no arguments there. :-)

But, like all the chakras, like every organ and system within and without the body and mind, there is so much more to it than just sex and the sexual organs...

You see very name of it, in Sanskrit, means one’s own base, or “the seat of the soul”...
Put simply, your sacral chakra connects you to: 
1.  Your feelings, and gives you the energy to act on them
2. It shapes your perception and the world around you.
3. On a spiritual level, the sacral chakra is the focal point for the subtle 
emotional energy body .
4. AND it houses the very creative beginnings of the latent universal energy in all things and in humankind 
So - as you can see -

If one is seeking to experience, to taste the fullness of the fruits of life and its mysteries…

To be charged with creative energy and the feeling of being “fully alive”...

The dynamic, creative, sexually charged, and fertile processes of the sacral chakra can certainly give you that!

As a secure link between the physical body and the emotional, it is no surprise that this chakra also has a lot to do with biological and psychological feelings of stability, security, self-confidence, and creative expression.

What all this boils down to is...
When It’s Working Properly You Will Feel:
...Like you’re ‘running on all cylinders!’ Do you know what I mean?
When our energy centers are clear and unimpeded, there is really no limit to what a human being can achieve or experience.

Take a minute and recall if you can all the times you might have felt this way—safe, connected, and therefore unstoppable!

Good, clear sacral chakra energy flow is synonymous with a sense of self and security and feeling a true purpose in life.

There is a distinct lack of general worry; there’s no negative or fearful self-talk when the sacral chakra is bopping.

Your confidence is great, your whole vibe is fluid and clear, and you can literally feel the energy of life moving around and through you.

You have ideas that just work. You know what to do and exactly when to do it.

If something doesn’t work out, no matter. Something better will be along at any moment.

You take time to foster your creativity. You might sculpt, paint, or even write a book.

Your intimate relationships are wonderful, two-way exchanges, which you learn from as well as contribute to everyday.

If you’re single, that’s where you’re at. You are happy being you and are in touch with your emotional and intimate needs.

You have clear and healthy social, sexual, and personal boundaries.

You respect and acknowledge the differences between yourself and others, understanding that there is an infinite variety in the makings of the whole.

Sounds amazing, right?

HOWEVER...that’s only one side of the coin.
What If Your Sacral Chakra Is NOT Working Properly?
“So… Okay,” you may be wondering… “Great. If my Sacral Chakra is working properly, I feel amazing. But what if it’s not? How would I feel if it were blocked, or not functioning the the right way?”  

There are actually two ways this can go.

You might be experiencing the effects of an “underactive” Sacral Chakra, OR you might be suffering from the effects of an “overactive” Sacral Chakra.

In either case...
Here’s What You Might Be Feeling If Your Sacral Chakra Is Underactive:
  •  “Stifled” by the world, trapped creatively, or overwhelmed by life in general
  •  Having trouble finding purpose and fulfillment in any way
  •  Emotionally numb, pessimistic, or even cold
  •  Physically and/or emotionally impotent, low to no sex drive or lust for life
  •  Like a victim of circumstance, co-dependent or trapped in cycles of abuse
  •  Perfectionism and constant self-judgement, a feeling of never being good enough
  •  Always wishing you were somebody or somewhere else
Ugh, right? On the flip side, though…

Here’s What You Might Be Feeling If Your Sacral Chakra Is OVERactive:
  •  Excessive, obsessive sexual thoughts and activities, to the point of being all-consuming; becoming preoccupied with them to the exclusion of everything else in life
  •  Prominent destructive emotions or behaviors, e.g. jealousy, anger, lust, distrust, etc. lasting for extended periods
  •  Being prone to extreme self-gratification (spending, food, alcohol, or illicit drugs) for extended periods
  •  Aggressive and dominating relationships; one-sided and selfish behavior
  •  Unable to find the balance between being highly creative and highly destructive  
Either Way, This Is How Your Sacral Chakra Mala Can Fix The Problem.
A Mala is a beaded rosary or string of prayer beads used during chanting or meditation. They are employed to focus one’s awareness and concentration during spiritual practice.

The beads are chosen for their particular color and spiritual properties, as each one is meant to heal and enhance a certain chakra, as opposed to the others.

This is why your Sacral Chakra Mala will be a vibrant, glowing color of deep, burnt orange (different than the deep blood red of the Root Chakra Mala).
Though the number of beads can vary from mala to mala, the most common ones are the 108 bead full Mala and the 27 bead wrist mala (4 X 27 = 108).

In addition, the Malas always have a larger, more decorative meru (guru bead).

When counting mantras on your Mala, you will use the guru bead to know when to reverse directions and go the other way (this represents one prayer cycle).

NOTE: When you complete either 108 or 27 recitations, do not pass over the “guru” bead. This is considered a symbolic no-no, as if we are stepping over our teacher. Instead, you will want to flip your Mala around 180 degrees, and keep going the same direction.

A burgundy or maroon cord threads the wooden beads together and also symbolizes the unbroken lineage teachings and bloodline of the Buddha.

The way that you use a Mala is that you hold it in your left (receiving) hand, with the beads between your index finger and thumb.

Then, you count mantra recitations and focus your concentration on what you want to achieve during practice.

*(Counting mantras with your Mala occupies the hand/body, reciting mantra occupies the voice, and visualization of the deity occupies the mind).

By focusing these three aspects of yourself onto the practice at once, the benefits are multiplied and the spiritual merit accumulates…
Thus Imbuing Your Mala With Protective Power That Is ONGOING and EVERLASTING…
So that when you wear it around your neck, the ENERGY you have imbued it with, to cancel out your feelings of powerlessness and lethargy, and replace them with sexual potency, creativity, and vibrant love (one might even say “lust”;-) for Life in the fullest…

...Which can stay with you all day (and night) long!

But that’s not all.

Even if you don’t already have a mantra that you currently use to strengthen and balance your Sacral Chakra...

Just to make absolutely sure your Mala works for you, we’ve commissioned two amazing spiritual guides to create a special, specific musical mantra that you can listen to while you hold your Mala beads…

It’s a beautiful meditation and mantra, with 108 repetitions of an affirmation plus the sanskrit seed syllable over a track of singing bowls

Which we had specially composed at the proper frequency and key for healing your Sacral Chakra!

 The creator of your Mala music is Dmitry, a composer and music producer from Spain who specializes in spiritual healing music.

He goes into deep meditation before beginning to write each piece of music so he can be sure it not only sounds right but that it creates the healing energies necessary.

In addition, the artist who voices your mantra for you on this recording is Maris - a musician, writer, reiki master, and motivational speaker. In her own words she is “on a journey to heal myself and others through music."

Which all comes down to saying…
We Could Not Have Asked For A Better Pair Of Human Beings To Create Your Sacral Mala Mantra For You! 
Just imagine…

You sit down in your favorite, peaceful, “meditative space”...

You hold your beautiful, deep orange, sandalwood-beaded Mala in your hands

You turn on your Mala mantra (which includes rhythmic, relaxing Sanskrit seed syllables layered over a track of crystal singing bowls)...
And begin your ritual, moving and counting each bead as the mantra plays, not only bringing your Sacral Chakra into perfect balance in that moment…

But also imbuing each part of your Mala necklace with ongoing healing frequencies and protection, so that it will keep your Sacral Chakra balanced and filling you with vibrancy, emotional stability, and creative energy every single day you wear it…

This amazing, wholly healthy and vital sense of being alive in the world is what we’ve experienced personally…

And it’s what we want for you.

This is why...

We Will Pay ALL The Shipping On ANY Mala Mantra Package Ordered Today…
And we will keep the cost at the incredibly low (practically giveaway) price of just $11.99 long as we can.

We won’t be able to keep it there forever though so please, if you feel this would help you today, RESERVE YOURS while they are still available. 

PLUS…for every necklace ordered today, we’ll include instructions for how to use your Mala and your Crystal Bowl Mala Chant Meditation to imbue your Mala with healing energy for your Sacral you can wear it and feel vibrant, beautiful, sexy and creative every single day…
IF you can click the button below and secure your necklace 
before you go!
I understand there will be nothing more to pay, ever...and there will be ZERO shipping cost as it is 100% covered by Ric & Liz when I order today!  

We want everyone who needs to heal and balance their Sacral Chakra to be able to easily and affordably have access to this extremely powerful and satisfying way to achieve emotional health, a lust for living, and happiness in their lives…

So, that’s why we found a way to bring this beautiful Mala to you at this price, FREE of shipping. It’s pretty much the easiest decision you’ll probably make today! ;-)

But PLEASE don’t wait too long.
Reserve your package now (while they’re still available) right here and we’ll lovingly pack it up and send it off today: 
Liz & Ric Thompson
Healthy Wealthy nWise
Thank you!!! 

We can’t wait to hear how this impacts your creative and spiritual practices - even aside from what it will do for your Sacral Chakra (and let’s face it, your sex life ;-)! 
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